Tattoo Tuesday - Meghan

Welcome to week three of Tattoo Tuesday!  I'd like to introduce you to another beautiful tattooed mama.  I've been following her on Instagram for quite some time and her feed never disappoints.  I seriously can't get enough of her baby boy and his adorable expressions.  

Name:  Meghan Ceallaigh

Age:  33

Occupation:  Freelance Makeup Artist and Mama

Age of first tattoo:  17

Favorite tattoo & location: My mothers portrait on my forearm

Artist/shop: Jay DeBont at Crimson Torch Tattoo Collective


1) Tell us about your favorite tattoo- why did you choose it? Does it have a special meaning?   I have a bunch of favorite tattoos! There are so many that I love and I'm constantly finding little details in ones I've had for years that I adore. However, the portrait of my mom is one of my most meaningful. My mom is my biggest inspiration and supporter. I can't even put into words how much she means to me. I chose her senior portrait for my tattoo because it's my all time favorite picture of her. She jokes that as I age her face will age with me! Haha! 


2) Do you have any other tattoos?  If so, what do you have and where?  I don't even know where to begin! I have two full sleeves and the majority of my back. Most of my arms are themed with women, flowers and water. I've always loved the idea of keeping my tattoos feminine so I mapped out my arms with that in mind. I have finger and toe tattoos, a lily on my hand and a teeny red heart on my cheekbone. I'm working on filling in my legs now which are being pieced together by various artists. I have portraits of two of my dogs on my leg (done by Demian Thompson at The Parlor in Eugene, OR) that I love so much! 


3) Do you plan on getting more?  Absolutely!! I want to fill in my legs as soon as possible! My next one planned is a large Dana dahlia on the side of my neck (my son's name is Dana). 


4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)?  Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?   My husband has been a body piercer for over a decade and is also substantially covered. My brother and I competed for years as to who had more tattoos, though he's got me beat for now! I can name on one hand the amount of friends I have that don't have tattoos! The majority of my friends have multiple. While my Dad has always been super accepting, my mom grew up conservatively and has always said that she appreciates the art but wishing it were paintings on our walls not on our bodies. She's become more accepting over the years but even now (at 33 years old) she still gives me a hard time if I get a new one. She used to say, "But you'll never be able to be a lawyer!" and I'd kindly remind her that I have never expressed any interest in being a lawyer (though I know there's plenty of tattooed lawyers)! I believe it's a protective thing, she would never want others to judge us or have our decisions make any part of our lives harder. I didn't begin getting visible tattoos until I was already established in my career path, I felt like I needed to really know who I was and what I wanted to do before I made that jump. I've been a professional makeup artist for almost 10 years and thankfully tattoos are widely accepted! I don't have any problem covering up for jobs, I don't always need to show them off! I've dealt with plenty of off color comments from people I don't know but it's pretty easy to shake off. I certainly didn't get my tattoos for them! The hardest situation was after my son was born. He was the first baby for the new year in our area so we were on the news and in the paper. I made the mistake of reading through comments online and was shocked at the people who were attacking our parenting skills simply because we have tattoos. That hurt. Tattoos are constantly becoming more normalized but it's still some people's knee jerk reaction. The strangest part for me is that people feel like they can touch someone's tattoos. I liken it to people touching a pregnant woman's belly, like, hello? It's still my body and I can tell you, they don't feel like anything other than skin! Haha! I had a woman grab my inner thigh one time to look at a piece and she didn't even realize what she was doing until I jumped back. She meant well but there's a loss of personal space to say the least! 

5) What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos?  The most interesting experience I've had because of my tattoos, that's a tough one! I had pictures published in a large tattoo book which was amazing! For the most part though I just look at my tattoos as plain ol' me. They're such a part of me that I don't think many of the experiences I've had were because of them. In fact, I often forget how heavily tattooed I actually am since I still just see places I'd like to get more! 

6) Any advice for someone interested in getting tattooed but hasn’t gotten one yet?  For anyone thinking about getting a tattoo my biggest piece of advice is to research your artist! Take the time to look at lots of portfolios to find someone whose style suits yours. It's something you'll have forever, don't rush it! 

I hope you're enjoying reading about all these cool people and their tattoos.  I have a ton more lined up for you.  If you have any questions you like me to ask, or a particular person you'd like me to interview, please let me know.   I'd love to hear your comments below too!